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Bonners Ferry Baptist Church

Holding Fast and Holding Forth the Word of God

The Purpose of This Page

To say that we are living in a busy world seems like quite an understatement. The tools that we have to make us more efficient seem to have only convinced us that we can do more than we are truly able. In this very busy setting there is also a great deal of noise. I'm not referring to physical sound so much as I am the abundance of "voices" competing for our attention. Traditional media, social media, the entertainment industry, the special interests industry, political movements, even Christian institutions just to name a few.  In the midst of all this noise the Holy Spirit of God seeks to gain our attention, and because He is not so demanding as the rest, He is often altogether unheard or given His place at the back of the line.  

It is not my desire to add more noise to anyone's life, but hopefully and prayerfully the Lord can use what is written on this page to help someone shut out distractions and hear from Him through the Scripture.

Updated "Important Message for You"

Click on the following link to view the page entitled "What Will You Do With Jesus?"